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Local Tree Dwellers

Local Tree Dwellers

About Quatre Saisons

Quatre Saisons is a family owned and run stud grazing property where we enjoy a simple life based on a traditional mixed farming model. The choices we have made in land management, preserving and enhancing the natural biodiversity found on Quatre Saisons, means we choose to have a small number of top quality animals that enjoy a stress free and comfortable environment

Rather than use popular ‘labels’, our approach is simply natural - we aim to be reasonably self sufficient and have a gentle footprint on our place. To achieve this we draw on a number of philosophies in farm production, using those things that resonate with our experience on this piece of country. We do not use chemicals in pasture management or animal husbandry. We harvest all water for use and recycling on the property and generate our own power using solar energy.

Our approach to traditional animal husbandry supports the health of our country and provides the highest breed standard we can achieve. We have sourced top bloodlines to ensure our genetic lines are world class. This is reflected in the quality and resilience of our stock.

Our care of the land is loosley based on principles of Permaculture. The philosophy behind permaculture is one of working with, rather than against, nature and we employ techniques such as permaculture together with aspects of other biodynamic systems to protect and conserve our country, and to build soil carbon and enrich our pasture.

Sustainable use of our forest timbers provides warmth and building materials. Heating and cooking is also supplemented by LPG gas in the coldest winter periods.

The property is very well named –the French ‘Quatre Saisons’ translates to ‘Four Seasons’- an apt description as being higher than Canberra and the surrounding country we have four distinct seasons and we can often experience the full spectrum of weather extremes in a single day.

There are incredible open views across the east towards Gundaroo and west to Murrumbateman, without a single dwelling in sight. It did not take us long to realise what a special place Quatre Saisons is, and we know how blessed we are to live here. It is easy to imagine you are far far away from civilisation as eagles soar above the treetops and float through our valley.

Come and visit us soon…