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Choosing which breed of cattle is right for you can be challenging!

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Cattle on Quatre Saisons are grazed on open pasture for most of the year

Cattle on Quatre Saisons are grazed on open pasture for most of the year, but are supplemented with sprouted barley and oaten hay during late summer, autumn and early winter to allow the native grasses to set seed and regenerate for another season. This innovative practice is not feedlotting- the cattle are in 40 acre paddocks- but a feeding regime that provides a highly nutritious boost to their annual cycle, builds tone and immunity for the coming winter and reproductive season and protects our native grasslands.


Hear Alan Savory talk about grazing, climate change and his philosophy of holistic management here. This TED recording is current, being recorded in February, 2013.

Stud Cattle on Quatre Saisons

On Quatre Saisons we keep several different breeds of cattle, in small select herds. Each breed has a different role.

Welsh Black cattle are superb animals that are revered as the giant of the British breeds, long lived and producing beef cuts perfect for dry aging with incredibly complex flavour.

Smaller Dexter cattle are economical and productive providing smaller cuts of premium beef, perfect for family meals.

Wagyu were originally draught animals used in cultivation so they were selected for physical endurance. This selection favoured animals with more intra muscular fat cells – marbling – which provided a readily available energy source. This softer fat improves the meat flavour and taste.   The ease of calving that comes from using a Dexter bull as a sire over the Wagyu cattle, has the advantage of giving the best of each breed in F1 calves producing early finishing succulent boutique beef cuts. 

Jerseys provide copious milk for calves and our household and are the Queens of the dairy. They are part of our innovative embryo program carrying rare breed genetics and offering the sort of ‘foster mother’ capacity and companionship only a jersey cow can.

Our cattle- a great bovine collection!!

All our calves, future stud and non breeding progeny, are raised on their mothers milk and native pasture for at least the first eight months. Cows milk will offer natural immunity for each calf, which is the most natural and healthy antibiotic and ensures our cattle progeny are free from respiratory problems and other diseases. 

Sometimes we continue milk feeding with foster 'buckets' from our generous jerseys, dependant on the calves future direction- a little handling and loving care goes a long way to making cattle tame and easy to manage down the track. I like to get to know each cow and have her trust me and comfortable with being handled.