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Piglets that have matured slowly, suckled and weaned at a time chosen by the sow, that have been able to forage and follow its natural instincts to wallow and sleep in the sunshine and run in the rain produce succulent fantastic tasting meat.

Free range pigs really do taste better!

Meat as part of a healthy diet...

Good health really is a case of you are what you eat- for human beings as well as animals. The unique multiple stomachs of grazing animals converts the simple plant sugars and complex cellulose structure of green pasture into amnio acids and proteins that are the building blocks of human life, through thier meat and milk.

Red meat is one of the best sources of iron and zinc which is well absorbed by the body. It is a balanced source of omega-3, omega-6 and a good source of B vitamins and protein. 

Haem iron, found only in meat and fish, is absorbed four times better by the body than non haem iron, found in plant foods. 

All the Omega fatty acids are necessary to health. Omega 3, 6, 9 are the ones we hear most about. Rarely do we hear the discussion of the importance of the ratio between these essential amino acids. Omega 6 and 9 appear naturally in the western diet in plentiful amounts. Omega 3 is the one that is harder to find in the standard diet.

According to biochemists, the human body developed for millions of years on a diet of about 40% meat and 60% vegetables (no grains). This is called the Primitive Diet. A most interesting and significant part of the Primitive Diet is that it is very very low in carbohydrates. And, practically devoid of sugar.

The elemental content of red meat is almost identical to human blood. Wild healthy red meat is an almost perfect food all by itself. Hunters and explorers have been known to live on an all meat diet for years with radiant health!

Even though most commercial feedlot produced red meat lacks the proper balance of Omega fatty acids, it is very easy to redress the balance by adding grass fed beef and lamb to your diet.